Semalt: Iotest, Golang And Go Programming Language

Golang, also known as Go, is a programming language that was created by Robert Griesemer, Ken Thompson and Rob Pike in 2009. This language possesses various CSP-style concurrent programming features and memory safety features. Go is best known for its built-in types, such as bytes, int64, float32, booleans, and the character strings. Furthermore, it has a built-in testing command (known as Iotest) that gives a minimal but unique testing experience.

In Golang, the source files are organized into system directories called packages, which enable code reusability across the Go applications. Here we have discussed the best and most important Golang packages.

  • Kubernetes (container orchestration);
  • Testify (testing);
  • Ginkgo (testing);
  • Gomega (testing);
  • Logrus (logging);
  • AWS SDK (cloud tools);
  • Glog (logging);
  • Xobra (productivity);
  • XGocheck (testing);
  • Errors (error handling);

1. Testify and Gocheck:

Both Gocheck and Testify are simple yet powerful Go packages that come with the top-notch Go testing features.

2. Ginkgo and Gomega:

Other than Iotest, you should know about Ginkgo, which is a heavy duty BDD framework. On the other hand, Gomega is the matcher library that possesses features similar to that of Ginkgo.

3. Cobra:

It is a famous productivity suit for the Golang applications and Iotest. Cobra allows you to write well-organized Go applications and basic web scrapers, and these applications and scrapers are easy to maintain. Cobra was first introduced a few months ago, alongside with Hugo and Viper. The experts at GitHub have used Cobra to build a massive range of data extractors.

4. Logrus and Errors:

Both Logrus and Errors are primarily the Logging packages, which help extend the native log package behavior and provide useful services like formatting and color coding. Logrus is far better than Errors and is used to build different extensions. But it doesn't mean that Errors is not a good package; in fact, Errors is an extraordinary Go package that is used for handling both major and minor errors in Golang and possesses tons of features.

5. Glog:

It is primarily a logging package created by Google a few months ago. Glog is a simple Golang package used to build basic and advanced browser extensions.

6. AWS SDK and Xobra:

Both AWS SDK and Xobra allow you to keep the context of an error (line numbers and files) and possess similar features. You should bear in mind that the package names always match the folders they fall in.


Go is a compiled language that widely known for its speed. It is dedicated to machine-level code that can be read directly by the computers instead of being interpreted every time the application is run, such as JavaScript on a web page. Other than the Iotest, you should learn about the above-mentioned Golang packages that help build different browser extensions, basic data extractors, and web applications. These Go packages allow you to generate executable binaries for different operating systems and web browsers with a simple command line.